CAMA Cloud® - Desktop Review

Unleash Productivity

with multi-monitor workstations

The CAMA Cloud® Desktop Review (DTR) module is designed to assist assessment jurisdictions in locating new or razed structures, verifying existing data, and flagging discrepancies in data quickly and efficiently via split screens across dual monitors. The configurable layout allows remote data reviewers and/or appraisers to visualize all pertinent property data, photos, aerial imagery, and other assets/tools in one integrated and synchronized view – instead of multiple different tabs, user interfaces and systems.

Oblique Imagery View

Get a closer view of subject

High quality aerial imagery (ortho and oblique) gives you the experience of being on the property, while at your desktop.

Instant PhotoBaseSM

High quality images

Access photos taken from the field for the desktop review through CAMA Cloud's Instant PhotoBase.

Sketch Editor

Easy sketching at the desktop.

Utilize the same quick, easy and efficient tools from CAMA Cloud's sketcher.

MobileAssessor Integration

Take your data to the field with you.

Seamless Integration with CAMA Cloud® MobileAssessor. Start with Desktop Review, then assign field visits for additional data verification / data collection needed.